Media Producer

    U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
  • Justine Davie is a media producer and Marine Corps veteran with experience in television production, public speaking, and podcast production.


    Currently, she produces the podcast Ten Percent Happier hosted by former ABC News Good Morning America and Nightline co-anchor Dan Harris based on his #1 New York Times bestselling book of the same name.


    Justine was previously the host and producer of the headline news podcast Skimm This which debuted at #1 on Apple Podcasts and was featured on Apple's list for "Essential Listening for COVID-19" in 2020.


    She also worked on the production team of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and continued with The Daily Show with Trevor Noah during Emmy and Peabody award-winning years.


    Justine served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a public affairs officer and deployed to Afghanistan where she managed the media embed program in Helmand Province, working with journalists from organizations including the BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, NBC News, and Time Magazine.


    She is currently a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and serves as a scripted entertainment, media, academia and industry liaison.



    Past media interviews include The New York Times, the Washington Post, the NY Post, CBS This Morning, PBS Newshour, and a feature on the cover of the Washington Post Magazine for a story about women's identity in the Marine Corps.


    Raised $30,000* for the Headstrong Project in response to the Marines United Scandal to help connect best-in-class trauma-informed clinicians with military veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and military sexual trauma.


    *Including a $10k donation from Jada Pinkett Smith which was incredibly cool
  • audio samples

    The below tracks will start at the top of the segment I wrote and produced.

    COVID-19 Long Haulers


    "I made a promise to myself when I first got sick and when it first got worse in July ...when I get the chance to tell my story, I definitely will."


    --Asia Durr

    WNBA New York Liberty guard

    Attack on the US Capitol


    "I think we need to just say that this was a situation where all of the information was there, but no coherent picture actually ended up forming."


    --Jytte Klausen

    Professor of politics at Brandeis University and expert in domestic and international terrorism

    The Wait for a Vaccine


    “I am not a political animal. I don't belong to any political party. I don't think of myself as in any way attached to political views, but as a public health person, as a physician, to see the way this has all gotten tangled up in politics is just crazy. And it is causing people to get sick and people that die."


    --Dr. Francis Collins

    Dir. of the National Institutes of Health

    Battling Breast Cancer During COVID-19


    "We've spent the last 20 years wearing pink, and pinning pink ribbons on our vest, and I think it's so important for women to know that awareness without action really doesn't save any lives."


    -- Dr. Deborah Lindner

    Chief Medical Officer, Bright Pink

    "The Glorias" (film)


    "Gloria was never judging them or what women who stay at home or decide not to go out into the workplace. She was just advocating for choice. It's always for choice for women to have equal choice. Not that one thing is better for another, but to be true to what you need and what you want yourself."


    --Julie Taymor

    Director/Co-writer "The Glorias"


    Galactic Federation?


    A fun light-hearted end of the year segment featuring some great quotes from film and TV

    "We Are The Radical Monarchs" (documentary)


    "We get to kind of make history, or herstory as we like to say. And we get to be one tiny little part of it. Cause we all know that a lot of tiny parts can equal one big part."

    (Film quote)

    "John Lewis: Good Trouble" (documentary)


    "Turns out that when you're as intentional as somebody like John Lewis, your whole life is a lesson."


    --Erika Alexander

    Producer, Actress, Activist






    La Ligne

    (Fashion feature)






    Digital Summit







    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

    (Audience Supervisor)







    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

    (Production Coordinator)





    Got Your 6: Storytellers






    SXSW: Military Veterans in Entertainment






    Know Your Value


  • press

    & media

    "They need to know that they’re not alone. We already know that some of them are afraid to speak up. But we need to let them know that there are more people behind them than there are against them."

    "I am going to express myself in different ways because that’s what life is about. Someone out there may be wondering if they have what it takes. If I don’t hold to my authenticity, it can be a deterrent to someone else."

  • Speaking

    Justine has served as a public speaker on a range of topics that include motivation and leadership, women's empowerment, storytelling, personal branding and communications.


    She has presented for many conferences, non-profits, and public and private events to include SXSW, Digital Summit, and Know Your Value, an event series and movement founded by MSNBC "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski.


    Formats range from keynote speaking, panel discussions, and presenting/master of ceremonies.

  • other previous work

    Movement to Contact

    This feature for the Veteran Artist Program was filmed in two days at Rollin Studios in Brooklyn, NY. This project was led by 15 veterans (including the entire cast) who created the idea, wrote the script, led the production and brought together a cast and crew of over 30 people.


    VAP | Tomahawk Pictures